Friday, April 16, 2010

Tantrums as Political Strategy

If you're intransigent and indifferent or oblivious to the possible consequences, then you can probably get your way each time (if the counterparty is considerate or reasonable). There are some hostage situations where we're left with little choice but to give in. If my two year old holds his breath until he turns blue each time he wants a cookie, then I'm going to give him a cookie every time. Letting him die isn't an option. However, if he just threatens to hold his breath each time he wants a treat, then that's a different story and he won't get his way.

The GOP has instituted intransigence as an operating principle and political strategy. The more unified they are in opposition, the more partisan the Democrats appear. In this scenario, only GOP ideas can be bipartisan. Unified opposition renders any Democratic proposal partisan (even proposals previously championed by Republicans). Only in America can you be rejected at the polls in two consecutive elections (2006 and 2008) and insist that the victors implement your program and claim you speak for the American people (what part of rejection don't they understand). Only in America do we have a press corps that will continue to pay attention to such hypocrites. Tip for the media: President Obama and the Democrats speak for the American people, they earned convincing mandates at the polls. That's how democracies are supposed to operate.

The little tyke in the video below reminds me of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell:

let's learn from the response of the mom and the dog. Ignore him or nominate him for an Oscar.

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