Friday, April 23, 2010

Socialist Institutions & Free Market Solutions

I keep hearing from people who want to run government that government can't run anything. They claim that free market solutions are always preferable. They want to get rid of pesky little regulations that hinder industrial production, although they waffle when you try to pin them down on which areas of government oversight they'll get rid of (making sure our kids' toys are safe, our drinking water is clean, miners have safe working conditions, our food supply is free of contaminants, our prescription drugs are safe and effective, our doctors are certified and qualified).

I keep waiting to hear their proposals for free market alternatives to our socialist police departments, our socialist fire departments and our socialist highway transportation system. Our socialist single payer system ensures that if I call 911 the operator doesn't ask me if I'm covered for EMS, fire or police services, they just dispatch help as soon as they can. Our taxes pay for those vital services and we don't usually begrudge the recipients of such services.

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