Friday, December 10, 2010

Hostage Negotiations & Punting

Over the past several days I've heard a lot of talk about punting on second or third down in reference to the tax-hostage situation President Obama is trying to resolve. I first heard of the concept of punting on second down over two years ago when a friend, Conrad, used it in reference to the selection of Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate. That was a truly disastrous play that might continue to haunt us for another generation.

I'm more inclined to liken the current situation to the end of a half where a promising game has gone increasingly awry. The clock is winding down and instead of trying for a touchdown, President Obama runs a play to get to his kicker's preferred hash marks for a field goal try. The fans are outraged. Some are calling for the coach to be replaced. The try can be blocked (Minnesota Viking fans don't need to be reminded of 1998 and sure bet field goal tries). Three points is obviously less than six, but a lot more than zero.

Folks, there's still another half to play (fortunately or unfortunately).


Anonymous said...

I get the punting on first down or is it second down metaphor. But just once I mean just once, I would like to see our big hunky running back step on some toes and bloody some noses. So when next the opponent tries to block a play, they know just what awaits them.

Marius Tegomoh said...

That's assuming that we have a big hunky running back. I'm not convinced that we do.